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sports recovery

sports recovery program

This is the ultimate program for athletes and highly-active people. Combining the powerful results of massage and lactic-acid releasing therapies with advanced supplements and IV Vitamin treatments, your body will receive the support and care it needs to perform at its prime.


  • 3 Lactic Acid Release Massages – for post workout recovery,
    injury prevention and to increase flexibility
  • Foam Roller and Instruction
  • IV Vitamin Drip Therapy
  • CBD Muscle Rub Cream

Also Includes:

  • Discounts At Local Organic Market & Health Gym
  • Complimentary 1-Year Enrollment In Wellness Inventory Portal 
  • Wellness Juice Nutrition 

All wellness programs are customizeable per person. Substitute treatments or add in additional services as needed. Various payment options available as well. Your package will be designed and customized during your wellness consultation.

your team of experts

 Gain access to the best combination of what Dolce Vita has to offer, custom crafted to help you meet your goals in addition to personalized support and your own team of experts—and everybody shares one goal: to help you achieve optimal wellness.

a whole-person approach

The DV Wellness Lifestyle Programs were created around the 3 Pillars of Good Health: Rest and Relaxation, Exercise, and Healthy Nutrition, all essential to leading a long, happy and healthy life. Taking a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit and focusing on a customized itinerary, our programs are designed to meet the needs of each guest, addressing the most important elements of health & wellbeing.

five-star customer service

Our team is dedicated to helping you discover the right program to help meet your wellness goals. Meet with one of our wellness experts who will listen to your needs and help create a completely customized program.