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Get Juvederm in Reno from our medical staff skilled in dermal fillers.
Looking for dermal fillers? Get Juvederm in Reno from our skilled medical staff.

why it’s amazing

Whether they are adorned with a classic red or a beautiful bare, your lips tell a story. Enhance their shape and volume with a quick, non-invasive filler treatment for a naturally plumped pout. Volbella, from the Juvéderm family of dermal fillers, is a lip-enhancing gel that helps improve the fullness of the lips and can also help reduce vertical aging lines that can occur over time.

what to expect

POST TREATMENTminor swelling, bruising
RESULTS LAST6 months to 3 years

Results will vary per person. Please book your complimentary consultation so we can answer your specific questions about Juvederm and our expert team will provide a customized treatment plan. 

conditions it treats


Capture the plumped-pout look and full-lip appearance you’ve been wishing for. Our experts will carefully assess your needs to help you see the fullness and shape that is just right for you.


If vertical lips lines are starting to creep in and distract from your beautiful smile, Volbella by Juvederm is a great option for providing volume and reversing the appearance of aging.

Reno’s Lip Enhancement Treatment Results

Reno’s Lip Enhancement Treatment Results

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Dolce Vita Med Spa's medical experts provide dermal fillers and Juvaderm in Reno.

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