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Get Laser Hair Removal in Reno from Dolce Vita Med Spa
Dolce Vita Med Spa offers laser hair removal in Reno.

why it’s amazing

We all know hair is high maintenance – especially unwanted hair! Why not make hair removal a forgotten part of your morning routine? Expertly treated by our technicians, our laser technology removes unwanted body hair with long-lasting results, helping you gain back time and money in your everyday life. Remove unwanted dark hair from the face, underarms, bikini and legs – as well as the back and chest. Unlike traditional hair removal options, laser hair removal treatments are long-lasting. Reserve an appointment with Dolce Vita Med Spa experts in Reno today.

A patient receiving laser hair removal in Reno, from Dolce Vita Med Spa.

what to expect

EXPECT RESULTS3 to 6 months
RESULTS LASTsemi-permanent

Results will vary per person. Please book your complimentary consultation so we can answer your specific questions about laser hair removal in Reno and provide you a customized treatment plan. 

areas it treats


Unwanted hair on the face can be unflattering and difficult to remove properly on your own. Getting laser hair removal in Reno is a great solution for eliminating unwanted hair and revealing a clear, smooth complexion. 


Removing hair on your arms or underarms can be time-consuming and still leave your skin looking less-than smooth. Laser hair removal is a targeted way to remove hair and restore your confidence. 


Traditional hair removal options can be painful…especially in more sensitive areas. Laser hair removal provides longer-lasting results and is much less painful than waxing. 


Hair on the chest and back can be difficult to reach and remove. Laser hair removal will not only save you from the difficul reach but lead to permanent removal over time for overall smooth, hairless skin. A great option for men as well! 

Treatment Results of Laser Hair Removal

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